Confidence vs. self-worth

You can be confident and feel good about yourself - how you look, your job, about being a good friend, being creative - and still don't feel worthy. Confidence is more about what you can do. Your abilities and how you interact with the world. Self-worth is connected to self-love. It goes much deeper. That’s why you can be confident and still lack self-worth. If you feel worthy, your confidence is usually up too. That’s because if you love yourself and know you are worthy of all the good things in life, chances are you believe in yourself and your abilities. Are you confident? Do you like yourself in the mirror? Do you know you are a good friend? Can you speak in front of your friends without feeling awkward? Do you laugh out loud when you find something funny? Can you speak in front of your class? Do you complain in a restaurant if something isn’t right? - You are probably confident. How about your self-worth? Do you know you deserve the best? Are you surrounded by people who love and accept you for who you are? A major question (and I think here it really shows): Are you with the right guys? If you always end up in unhealthy relationships - with boys that are messing around with you: cheaters, timewasters, guys who are not really into you, you might feel deep inside you are not good enough, not loveable. Here is the truth: You are worth it. You are good enough. You are loveable. You are worth loving. You deserve a loving relationship. You deserve being happy. Look in the mirror and say to yourself: I am worth it. I am good enough. I am loveable. I am worth loving. I deserve a loving relationship. I deserve being happy. Go on, DO IT! I know it seems daft at first. But if you do it for a while, it will change you. It’s not saying it, that does the change. But because you look at yourself and say it (as if it was true), your mind starts working on it. And that will bring the awareness and the change. I know it does, I experienced it myself. How about you, are you feeling worthy?

Nothing to wear Spring/Summer edition

With some easy tricks, loosely based on core wardrobe principles, you can extend your wardrobe without buying tons of new stuff.

In case you didn't see the winter edition (and want to learn more about it), please click here Here are my 10 new Spring/Summer pieces. As my 3 colours I chose white, mint and peach. The great thing about pastels is, you can mix it with all other pastels. If you feel like adding some pastel yellow, blue, pink or even lavender to the party, just go for it. With a little bit of creativity and the right accessories you can spice up your existing wardrobe without buying tons of new pieces. You can make use of what you already have and create new looks by layering and accessorising. I used the combine tool on to create the following looks. Just pick similar pieces to the ones you have at home and combine your little hearts out!   SSNtw

And now let's get those pieces rolling!

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