No more hiding

Although I was already confident and accepting, I still had - and still have - insecurities. My arms for example. They are wobbly (consequence of 1,001 diets - losing and gaining weight) and full of sunspots (consequence of a one year once a week sunbed obsession when I was 20). I used to cover them up when I wore anything short sleeved or sleeveless. But then one day it was so hot and my blouse crinkly and annoying and I thought why? Who would look, who would judge? Will I see these people ever again? Do they even care? And if they do, does it matter? Do random people on the street matter to me so much that I restrict myself? So I took my blouse off. And I felt awkward, a bit insecure, I’m not gonna lie. But nobody was looking. And soon I felt something else. I felt liberated. I tried to follow this feeling, make it bigger and I listened in. It made me happy, made me smile. I felt free.  

no more hiding :)


More tricks to get into the hourglass groove

© Rokonsan

© Rokonsan

We all come in different shapes and sizes. The most sexy one is the hourglass shape, no matter if you are slim or chubby. It means bust and hips are about the same size with a nice defined waist. There are cheats to fake this bodyshape, even if you are not naturally blessed with it.

If you are bottom heavy, use these cheats:

- Add bulk to the top buy wearing puffy sleeves, ruffles and fur collars. - Draw attention to your upper body with statement necklaces and scarfs - Wear bright colours or printed tops, shirts and jumpers - Avoid all tips for top heavy

If you are top heavy:

- Wear ruffled skirts which add bulk to your bottom half. The thinner your legs, the shorter the skirt - Wear wide trousers, pockets on the bottom, cargo style pants, patterned jeans, all that jazz - If you have big boobs, wear v-neck everything, it elongates the neck. Very flattering! - Avoid all tips for bottom heavy

 If you are hourglass I am so jealous! ;)

What can I say? You have got it, girl! If you add bulk to the top, do something similar to the bottom. Generally for you: As figure hugging as possible. Pencil skirts, tailored blouses and shirts are perfect for your shape.

If you don't fit any of these shapes ...

... because you don't really have a defined waist, choose tops that have a "built in" waist like wrap tops. You can also create one by using a belt under your bust or below (wherever you are smallest) and go from there. (If you are top heavy after creating a waist use top heavy tips, if you are bottom heavy use the bottom heavy tips). Easy peasy! Here are some examples to click through. I used the image title so you know what's for what shape. All found @ More hourglass magic.


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Master the power of personal style

How you present yourself - the way you dress, hair and make up - shows your personality at first sight. People judge you on your presentation. Make use of it! Personal style is important. And one of the easiest ways to develop it, is to find a role model. It could be a class mate, actress, singer, model, youtuber or blogger. If you can, find somebody with a similar figure. A good way to show or even fake confidence is by wearing a statement outfit. One that shows you are right here, ready to face whatever life throws at you! Don't forget: Fake it before you make it! I will show you a few inspirational bloggers. Maybe you like some of their stuff? I'll start with a two very bold ones. Clickable links below :)

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I can't stop clicking through blogs and blogrolls for creative input. I love Nadia Aboulhosn's style. How about you? Who is your favorite? Linklist

Summer styles trending

Are you on the hunt for the latest Summer fashion items in your size? I'll give you some inspiration by posting my hot picks for a stylish Summer outfit. For this edition I picked out five trends: tropical/palm print striped/abstract floral floral kimono jumpsuits. I checked New Look (Inspire) Forever21 Asos Curve. Links to the items under the pictures.  
Tropical/palm print
 Striped/abstract floral