If you want to see the love of your life, look in the mirror

Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself!

you are the love of your life

you are the love of your life

  Not everybody is naturally blessed with great self-esteem. We all thrive for approval from others. We learned this as children. If we were a “good girl” - whatever that meant according to our parents - we deserved to be loved. If we didn’t play by their rules, we got punished. We didn’t deserve their love anymore. Because love is such a big thing for us, we want to be loved by as many people as possible. Now if we don’t get that approval, we feel as a failure. Something surely must be wrong with us, we need to improve and change. We constantly try to be that somebody everybody loves. The more we try, the less we are ourselves. Some people might love us now, but we can't enjoy that love. Because they love who we pretend to be, not who we really are. Growing up, the whole approval seeking shifts towards our appearance a lot. Especially for girls, the pressure is on. If we don’t look like the models and “beautiful” celebrities we see in the media each day, we are definitely not worth being loved, right? Wrong. But we still believe it. The way out of this dilemma is simply to start loving ourselves the way we are. Only by being authentic, we can become truly confident and happy. And when others love us, we know they love us for who we are. Not for who we pretend to be. Every issue you might have regarding your body will slowly disappear, because it won't be important anymore. The following 10 steps can help you to become more confident and accepting of yourself.    

1. Gratitude – acknowledge you are fantastic!


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