Dare to be yourself

image One of the most important steps on our way to self-love is to open ourselves to the idea that we are perfect. Perfectly imperfect, exactly as we are. Look at who you are. Look at who you wish you were. If you are a tomboyish kind of girl, be that. Don't waste energy on trying to be girly. Not only will it be tiring to you and add to your feeling of "not being right", you will be perceived by others as insecure or "off". Only by being who you are, you radiate in such a wonderful way, that others will find you "interesting, captivating and confident." Without any effort on your side. Should you be on the lookout for a boyfriend, or new friends, this is extremely important too. You can only find the right people who will love you for being you, when you ARE you. Of course that requires some kind of self awareness. Become honest with yourself. Maybe you admire a beautiful, outgoing girl in your school. And you would love to be like her. But are you? Do you think you could if you were skinnier? Chances are you wouldn't. Girls who are like her are like that, no matter what size they are. Maybe you are a little introvert. Don't force yourself to be different. Accept who you are. The world needs bold and quiet people. Maybe this bubbly girl is not such a good artist, writer or listener as you are. Find things you are really good at. Focus on those traits. Once you find one, you will discover more. Are you a good friend? Talk about it, write about it, be it. At some point you will not even feel the need to compare yourself to others anymore. That's when you love yourself. And accept others for who they are. No more judgement.

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