How to love yourself if you don’t

  The same principle as for becoming more confident applies: Fake it until you make it.
What would someone who loves themselves do?

What would someone who loves themselves do?

Make this question you mantra: "What would someone who loves themselves do?" Any decision you are facing, big or small, ask this question and do what first comes to your mind. For example when you decide what to wear to school or work, ask "what would someone who loves themselves wear?" Listen to the answer that pops up in your head and then do it. That way you tell your subconscious mind that you love yourself. Because you act exactly like somebody who already does, according to your question and suggestion. The more often you do it, the faster it will eventuate. I interpreted this amazing practice developed by Teal Swan -

He loves me, he loves me not

Is it love?

How to find the right partner? First, find out what you really want. If you like red, don't go for blue. It's up to you! :)

There is love and there is passion. Best case, you have both in a relationship. Worst case, there is only passion. And only love can be pretty boring too… That a guy likes to have sex with you, doesn’t tell you anything. Except that he likes to have sex with you. You might think of your body being wobbly, fat and unattractive. And you think he must be really into you, if he likes to have sex with you. But it could also be that he gets turned on by big bums and is simply into chubby girls. Of course it is great to have a sexual experience with somebody who absolutely loves your body. But that is nothing compared to a sexual experience with somebody who loves your soul too. How can you differentiate? Like everybody else: - Is he caring? - Does he treat you in a loving and friendly way? - Is he a good friend? - Does he listen? - Is he there for you when you need him? - Does he make you feel good? - Do you have things in common? - Did he introduce you to his friends? If you can tick most of the boxes, it’s looking good! And what if he tells you he loves you but wants you to lose weight? Unless you are not ill and he is seriously worried about your health, send him into hyperspace! Look, that is not real love. Just think of it the other way round: If you like a quiet, sensitive man, why would you be with a loud and outgoing guy? And wish for him to be different? That doesn’t make sense. First find out what you want and what you need in a relationship. Be honest with yourself. If you are open to love, you will find a loving partner. One who loves you not because you are big, not despite you being big, but because of you.

Skinny bitch ain’t no bitch


be kind to yourself and others

Skinny girls ain't no bitches. Nor should big girls be. A slight trend that I noticed mainly on tumblr and pinterest - one that I absolutely want to distance myself from - is curvy woman vs.  skinny woman. Phrases like "real women have curves"  and "curvy girls are better lovers" are very mild examples. Although I am writing from the perspective of a curvy woman, I don't glorify being overweight. I glorify self-love. Loving the body you are in, big or small, thick or thin. I started out looking at big girls wondering and judging -> looking at big girls in a non-judgmental way -> looking at big girls in a loving way. And during the process I learned to projected that onto myself and my body. Nobody needs to go to the extreme to hate skinny girls. They might fight a similar battle, you know? I found and reblogged a posts (see pic) from a girl who obviously felt offended by some of the stuff that gets posted on tumblr.
polaroidandguitar: Dear curvy girls, I don’t like being shamed for my body type during your road to self confidence. My body type issues/flaws are just as valid as yours. I’m human. Love, skinny girl
Although I use it and like it, I think tumblr is not for the faint-hearted. It can be raw, harsh, pornographic. Pick what you need and overlook the rest. Each one of us should concentrate on being the best and most loving and loveable woman we can be. We are all on a road to self-love and more happiness. We are all beautiful sisters. <3  
true and cute <3

true and cute <3